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All full time students are required by the University to maintain health insurance coverage.

Students may choose to be covered through:

  • a personal insurance policy,
  • a plan carried by their parents, or
  • the group policy sponsored by the University, which is sold and administered through Consolidated Health Plan/Cigna.

The current University-sponsored plan is described in the 2013-2014 plan brochures linked below. The 2014-2015 brochures will be available in early June. The plan will be fully compliant with federal regulation mandates and will offer preventative care. We urge you to carefully read the brochure and compare with what your other coverage provides.

Information on charges for services, billing practices and insurance claims for Storrs campus students:

Enrollment in the University-sponsored Insurance Plan
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The University uses what is called a "hard waiver" system to assure student health coverage. This means that full-time* students will be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in and billed for the University-sponsored plan. If you want coverage under the University-sponsored plan, do nothing; you are automatically enrolled. (Part-time students who wish to enroll in the student health plan should contact 860-486-4535.)

* A full-time student is defined as an undergraduate enrolled for 12 or more credits or a graduate student enrolled for 9 or more credits. The following degree/certificate programs are exempt from automatic enrollment:

  • Executive ED Program
  • Inter-institutional Programs
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • Non Degree Programs
  • Executive MBA
  • Masters of Engineering
  • Masters in Public Health
  • Teacher's Cert. Programs
  • Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury MBA Programs
  • Mbein/Mein
  • MS in Accounting

If you wish to decline the university plan because you have other comparable coverage, you must waive it via the Health Insurance Waiver in the PeopleSoft Financial system. Because employers may change the benefits/plans they offer their employees, you must complete a waiver at the start of each school year, even if you completed one the previous year.

To waive, simply log into your PeopleSoft account at http://www.studentadmin.uconn.edu, and click on "Self Service" then on "Student Center". Scroll down to the Finances section of the Student Center and click on "Create Student Permissions". The UConn Student Permissions page displays. Click the "Health Insurance Waiver" line, this will display the waiver form on your screen. Complete the form by filling in the data fields.

A confirmation page will be displayed when the waiver processes. It is recommended that you print a copy of this confirmation page and retain it for your records.

A tutorial that demonstrates how to complete the waiver can be found at http://www.peoplesofthelp.uconn.edu/student/st34cs90.html.

It is strongly suggested that a review of your alternative coverage be conducted to determine payable benefits, by your carrier, for services performed at our facility. Many carriers have specific reimbursement rules related to out of area care or care rendered by out of network providers. In addition, many plans have high deductibles that may need to be met before any services will be considered payable.

The on-line waiver is only available from June 1 until September 15 for the fall semester. Students for whom Spring will be their first semester at UConn must waive by February 5.

If you fail to complete the waiver in PeopleSoft, it will be assumed that you accept coverage offered under the University sponsored health insurance plan, and the charge for that coverage will remain on your fee bill.

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